Co-Working Floor | 1st Co-Working Space in Rohtak, HR

Reimagine Your Workspace

Co-Working Floor is Rohtak’s best coworking space with a unique design to supercharge your productivity and achieve your goals.

Elegant & Fully Tech-Enabled Office Space In Rohtak City

At Co-Working Floor, we work tirelessly to create an environment that boosts your productive hours, helps you innovate, and connect with people. Choose from different renting options – single desks to private cabins. 

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Monthly – Rental Workspace To Fuel Your Ventures

At Co-Working Floor, we understand that building a startup can be extremely stressful and lonely. That’s why we spent months creating a coworking space that is affordable and perfect for working without distractions. Along with all the amenities, we also offer:

  • Easy Payment options
  • A community for networking opportunities
  • Easily accessible location
  • High-speed internet connectivity
  • Premium modern furniture

About Co-Working Floor

Co-Working Floor is a ready-to-move coworking space in Rohtak with ample amenities to cater to your unique needs. 

Whether you are a freelancer looking for a quiet space to work on your projects or an entrepreneur looking for office space, Co-Working Floor is your best bet. We offer customized solutions and help create an environment that works for YOU! 

Traditional offices will become extinct as they offer next to nothing. But at Co-Working Floor, you will thrive every day with our exceptional support and services. 

Rent a Desk Or  Rent a Cabin

The Co-Working Floor is a dynamic space to crack those milestones with the complete focus needed in the process.

About Our Co-working Place:

When you step into the fold of the Co-Working Floor, you have come home! We are not just like family, with you, we are a family. We want to celebrate your wins and fist pump on those crazy-huge milestones. That being said, our working space radiates potential energies for one to work with complete dedication and not feel unproductive at times. We provide spaces that let one work with a focused mind as we have multiple amenities available like different spaces as per one’s wants, 5G internet connectivity, meeting rooms, and more.

Coworking Space To Make Your Greatest Impact:

Building dynamic, energetic and productive co-working space is what we firmly believe in. Whether you are seeking privacy, teaming up or a large team working together looking for solutions than life, we got you covered there!

Why Choose Us?

We are here to dissolve mundane working spaces that block a potential mind. We are your biggest supporters and cheerleaders, be it if you want to start a new venture or seal that deal. You have our back and our space too!


What makes a Co-working space different from home couches is its environment and the amenities it provides one to work with. We believe the amenities one can provide can help the other as their growth factor.

The Spaces:

We offer different spaces for the minds to think consistently in a driven atmosphere. May the space be desired for a team meeting, dedicated seating, and more. We have built different spaces according to the needs.

Dedicated Seating:

Want to share ideas and presentations with your team in a micro-team meeting way? Dedicated seating rooms are for you!

Table sharing:

Are you looking to seal that deal or execute the model for your company over a pizza? Sharing a table space is for you.

Meeting room:

What is a company if they don’t hold meetings often? Do not miss to experience meetings in our space. Ideate those ideas and share them in our meeting space with your teammates.

What we have here for you:

We are your one-stop solution for all space research for your office. We have built spaces for one to call the office and for us as their family.

6-day access with Meeting room:

Schedule meetings with us, our group meeting spaces are favorable for huge crowds of teammates to ideate topics.